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Drunk Driver vs Rail Road Sign Fontana CA Southern California

    Jan 6, 2018
    Fontana, CA

    Fontana, CA – Saturday, January 06, 2018 at 1:09 A.M. Officers with the Fontana Police
    Department responded to calls of a pickup truck versus a railroad sign near Slover Ave and
    Live Oak Ave.

    The pickup truck appeared to have been traveling westbound on Slover Ave and as it
    arrived at Live Oak Ave it jumped the island that separates the westbound lanes from the
    eastbound lanes at the railroad crossing and it collided with a railroad mechanical arm
    located on the middle of the road.

    The truck struck the mechanical arm with its right front side. The collision destroyed the
    truck and almost knocked down the mechanical arm mechanism. After the impact, the
    truck continued rolling and came to a stop at the intersection.

    An Officer with the Union Pacific Railroad Police Department also responded to the scene.
    A Union Pacific employee removed the damaged mechanical arm and placed two red flags
    on the railroad indicating a hazard to any incoming locomotive.

    Alcohol appeared to have been a factor to the collision according to an officer at the scene.
    The adult male driver appeared to have not obtained injuries due to the collision.

    No other information was obtained at the scene.

    The Fontana Police Department is investigating this incident (909) 350-7700.

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