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How Can I Help

How can I help?

Thank You for asking; there are many ways everyone can help locate Hit-and-Run drivers to include:

*By SHARING our posts,
*By contacting us with any information,
*By donating to our cause,

Additionally; if you’re a victim, a friend or family of a victim you can help by doing any of the above plus any of the following;

*Post an ad of the hit and run on our site (if non currently exist),
*Distribute Flyers in the area of the Hit-and-Run,
*Install one or two highly visible signs at or near the location of the Hit and Run.

The signs or billboards can be as small as possible as long as the words can be read from a passing vehicle and as big as a 4’x 4′ or a 4’x 8′. Signs can be hand made or done by a professional print shop. In either way, when room permits it is imperative that signs and flyers display the following information:

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If you, a friend or a family member was a victim of a Hit and Run, we encourage you to place an ad on our website and include our phone number and website’s name on all of your flyers and awareness handouts. By placing an ad we will screen all calls, gather information and forward it to the appropriate authorities.

We hope that this information can be helpful to you. If you have any other question or a suggestion on how to help, please call us at 1(844) Hit-N-Run – 1(844) 448-6786 or contact us through our contact page.

Thank You!

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