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Riverside Pursuit Driver Throws Gun Out Of Vehicle Southern California

    Dec 31, 2017
    Riverside, CA

    CHP Pursuit:   Driver Throws Gun Out Of Vehicle While Being Chased

    Riverside, CA – Sunday, December 31, 2017 at about 3:56 a.m. a California Highway Patrol
    Officer driving eastbound on the 91 freeway attempted to stop a silver Honda Accord as they
    exited from the 91 freeway on the Arlington Ave off ramp however, the sedan which was
    occupied by three adults, a male driver and two female passengers failed to yield to the CHP
    unit’s red and blue lights and a pursuit ensued.

    From the Arlington Ave off ramp the Accord turned westbound on Indiana Ave.

    As the Accord sped off,  the male driver allegedly tossed a black semi-automatic handgun out
    of the vehicle landing on Indiana Ave in front of the Castañeda’s Mexican Food restaurant
    located near Jane ST and Indiana Ave.

    An unidentified individual who was near the restaurant witnessed when the patrol unit and
    the Accord passed by and heard as something landed on the street. A closer look from that
    person revealed that the item tossed by an occupant in the vehicle was in fact a gun and the
    individual called the Riverside Police Department to inform them then the Riverside Police
    Department notified the California Highway Patrol.

    A Riverside Police Officer and CHP Officers responded to locate the gun as other CHP Officers
    conducted a felony traffic stop on the Accord on the 7100 block of Indiana Ave west of
    Washington St.

    All three occupants in the vehicle were taken into custody without further incident. No other
    details were obtained at the scene.

    The California Highway Patrol is investigating this incident. Anyone with information is asked
    to contact the Riverside Field Office at (951) 637-8000.


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